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Women's Tall Size is perfect for women from 5'9'' (175 cm) and up. Tall size clothing is designed with propotions to better fit taller bodies. For tops and jackets, sleeves and torso/back are added extra length. Jeans and pants are added extra inseam length and skirts and dresses are added extra length as well.

Tall sizes are just based on height, not weight. If you are looking for larger sizes based on weight (but not height), our plus size guide is the right place for you.

Please note that not every woman from 5'9'' (175 cm) and up needs "tall sizes" in tops or pants. This is because some women got their extra height just in their legs, while some got their extra height just in their arms and torso.

Before you buy garments in tall sizes, always see our Tall Size Charts to determine if you need tall sizes/ what tall size you need. Please choose your preferred Tall Size Chart below:

Tall Size Charts

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